Who is the reason for all the things happening in your life?

Hello everyone,

Can you say one thing which is controlling your life? It will be the only one reason behind your all emotions and the life-changing factor. Can you guess!!!!

It's your Heart.

Health and Motivation

 Yes, absolutely it the only reason behind everything in our life.
I would like to share a phrase which is said by my dear friend.

"Always you should win, not anything".


These phrases always inspire me when I am lazy or when I want to step back from any situation.
Read the phrase again "Always you should win, not anything".
Here what "anything" means ....

Health and Motivation

Anything =  Anger
                      Bad habits
                      Negative thoughts etc......

Let me give an example.....

1. My neighbor bought a new car. If your Heart says Ah! he bought a new car but I don't have.

Here your jealousy has won you.
If you think in another way...

1.a My neighbor bought a new car. Let me greet him.
Here you will win. Because your Jealous didn't come out.

2. My sister has taken my dress. How could she do that?
Here you are not able to Tolerate or Share what is yours. But think once who has taken your dress? your sister, is it a wrong one!

If you think in another way....

2.a My sister has taken my dress it should fit her.
Here you won.

In this phrase "Always you should win, not anything".

 YOU = character and attitude

In any situation give a few seconds to analyze yourself. If your anger or lie or any other emotion wants to win you don't let it do that.

These all things are related to your Heart and Mind. Make the both to think in one way.

Always Make the Two Birds sing one song. 

  • Never forget who you are ! You means your Character.
  • Never fall for your negative emotions.
  • Be conscious on what you are doing.
  • Never follow others words blankly.
  • What ever you see or listen is not True. Analyze the situation by yourself.
  • Be honest.
  • Stick to one decision you make. 
  • Control your emotions.
  • Don't take any decisions while you are anger. 
  •  Never let your HEART to take wrong decisions. 


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