WHO AM I ? " Lion and Sage" !

Hello, everyone,

Joyful evening. How your day went? I hope your day went well.
Today I suddenly got some doubt, is there any reason for my birth?

Of course, there would be some reason but many of us or few we think in a way that there is no reason for life or I am not a worthy person to live, I am not good for anything etc.......

Here I would like to say you a story.

Once there was a lion who was very proud. It thinks that everyone is afraid of him. No one can come near to him without its permission. 

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And the Lion likes the frailness of others and enjoys its hunt. It like hunting other animals, it enjoys when others run for their lives and afraid of it. The Lion turned into a psychopath it started to prank others and enjoys the sight when other has a tearful eye and frailness. It can hear the heartbeat of the running animals and gets extreme edge enjoying. It was the daily routine of the Lion, even few animals started to go away from that forest.
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Lion got it's proud to its head and started to think that anyone should surrender before him.

One day a sage was passing through the forest. He was tired and sat under a tree, the proud lion saw him and thought that It's good to see a human after a very long time. I am also bored by frightening these animals let me play with this human. I wants to see the urge in his eyes, I would like to see how he begs me for his life. It got excited by its thoughts and immediately jumped before him.

The sage looked at the lion and stood before him. The lion was surprised to see the human-like that because it expected something opposite of it.
Lion wants to see the frightening eyes of the human so it roared in front of him even then the sage didn't run or do anything.

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Lion loosed its patience and said to the sage. Oh, human, i am very hungry right now I am going to eat you. I will rid you into pieces, your blood flows and wet this land.

The sage replied, oh lion if you are in such hungry what are you waiting for. You are always welcome to have me. I am blessed to fill your stomach at least for this day.

The lion was surprised. Now it seemed to get relaxed and wanted to know why he was not afraid of it, even it is a cruel animal.
The lion asked, before I eat you I have something to ask, will you clarify my doubt?
The sage replied if I am able to ...... I will do it.


Then the lion asked, why you are not afraid of me. In this forest every one will ran away from me even I am in 10 feet distance and every one beg for their life but who are you? you are not afraid of me! and you are welcoming me to eat you. aren't you afraid?

The sage sat before it and said that he was a sage. He was in a search of who he was and what was the use of his birth? I was roaming from place to place by praying the God to know the answers to my questions. 

When i saw you I was not afraid because you are also a living being like me. And when you roared at me I thought that you were in a need. When you said, "you were hungry", then I realized one thing that I found the answer to my questions

1. who am i?
     I am also a living being like you but differs in a few ways. There will be a reason behind my birth for some good.

2. What was the use of my birth?
    When you said that you are going to eat me then I realized that I was born to satisfy your hunger.

 Everything has a purpose in once life. When I am hungry what I eat ! leaves, vegetables, fruits etc. But why they were grown ? to satisfy another.

Like that everything has a purpose to have a life even non-living things are helping us in our day to day life in many ways.

 So I thought that it will be my life path to fill your stomach. No matter how you will eat me because everything has a start and end, it's the circle.
 I am not worried about it because I don't know how I was born, and not worried about how it ends. Just I am satisfied that my life has a use and I am utilizing that.
 How we lead or led our life is important.
Come, my dear friend, I am ready now to fill your stomach.

Now for the first time lion got tears in its eyes and said sorry master i not hungry any more. I realize how I am leading my life, I was enjoying on others frailness. Now onwards I will eat when I am hungry I don't hurt anyone for fun.
Now master your life is not meant to fill my stomach your life is to make others realize who are like me.


On that day on wards Lion and The sage became good friends and they started to travel from place to place where every one surprised how a human and wild animal or together. It made others listen to the words of The sage.
Moral: Realize and utilize your life in a good way. Don't waste your life.

Dear Readers, I hope you like the story. Because when I heard the story I realized something in me that till now I don't know the purpose of my life but I wanted to be a good human being until my death. It's my goal. Because I don't know what is the purpose of my birth it will come in my way one day, then I will do that until then I want to utilize my life.

The persons who think that they are useless, waste there time, wants to commit suicide, just think what you were doing until now. 

Just think When you are dead is there any one person who really miss you or remembers you or loves you forever. Everything has a start and end within that circle we want to utilize everything.

Don't break the circle it may lead to some other thing, complete it.



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