What do a THANKS do in our life - 3

What do THANKS do in our life - 3

health and motivation

Hi, every one I hope you have followed what I said in my previous writing. We have learned about two topics 
                 1. Desire
                 2. Opportunity.
Let's go for a quick review.


  • We should always thankful that we don't have everything that we want in life that' why we struggle for it and tries to get.
  • We will be happier when it gets with our hard work than getting it for free.


  •  We should be thankful for what we don't know because it only gives an opportunity for us to learn in our life.
  •  When we know everything life will not be interesting. And it is not possible to know everything.
  •  Everything we learn will be a drop in an ocean.

Now coming to our today's topic let's see our third point and fourth point.

These two are very important because those are like two wings, you will come two know about this when you read yourself, Come on 

health and motivation


health and motivation

                    Life is a mixture of everything. We should be strong to be successful because we don't know what we will face in the future, we should be bold enough to face everything and anything.   


  • Be patient or have patience.
  • Think twice or thrice or more before doing anything.
  • Analyze everything by yourself.
  • Be brave.
  • Follow or listen to elders advice.
  • Share your feelings.
  • Have good friends.
  • Avoid the things which make you irritated.
  • Communicate with many, you will get different ideas and different perspectives.
  • Make some habits which makes you happy.
  • Try to read books about success stories or biographies.
  • Take a break from your routine.   
  • Don't listen to others sayings and follow them blindly.
  • Don't take any decisions in anger or sad or depressed.
  • Don't be alone for a long time.
  • Don't get disappointed at the first time itself. 
  • Don't think about you only, think about others.
  • Don't be hasty.
  • Don't blame on others.
  • Don't shout at others.
DIFFICULT TIMES are always the best because one can know about themselves. They become stronger and stronger when they are in their difficult times, but that doesn't mean that only difficult should be there..... It means that difficult times are also good in the way we take it, so don't forget to THANK for it.


health and motivation

Think once, is it necessary to have limitations!!!

Few of them may be thinking that it would be good without limitations, But you are wrong. 

Can you guess WHY you are wrong?

We feel that in some situations it would be nice if there are no limitations, Yes it would be nice only to very few situations, as no age limit for studying, learning etc.

But think once if there is no limitations or restrictions, how it can go in a correct manner! Almost it is like not having rules.

If there are no rules how would it be !! There will be no law and no punishment, can it be a smooth living? Definitely NO.

For example 

1. Think that in a game there is no Time Limitation. How it would be!!!
2. If there is no law and no punishments for a crime done. How it would be!!!
3. Even relationships have a limit like 
    who is a friend/best friend/close friend/parents/sisters/brothers/uncles/unties/neighbour etc
4. No limitations for roaming and enjoying may lead to any destructions.

So here we can see that LIMITATIONS helps us to IMPROVE us more. It gives an opportunity to get improvement.

It is useful for us to get a betterment. 


  • Set a goal.
  • Listen to elders sayings and think more than twice about it.
  • Accept the rules.
  • Respect elders.
  • Have patience and be com.
  • Take the opportunity to learn.
  • Try to improve yourself.
  • Try to change the rule if it is wrong.
  • Make others learn.
  • Don't blame the system.
  • Don't shout at others.
  • Don't blame yourself.
  • Don't lose your patience.
  • Don't be lethargic.
  • Don't be a mumbling star.

DIFFICULT TIMES and LIMITATIONS are the two wings makes us to FLY.

health and motivation


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