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What do a THANKS do in our life - 2

What do THANKS do in our life!!!

Hello everyone in my previous update I shared a poem with you, now let's see in detail.

"THANKS" is a word which makes our path easier.

To make an easier path to, remember these points.

Points to be remembered,

3.Difficult times
7.Hard work


Desire is all that makes us choose our path.If we limit our path to certain things then life will be happy.One should know their capacity.If we have all the things which we want then life will not be that we should thank that we are not able to get what we want because it makes set a goal to achieve something.If we get one what we desired for then we want another one its life.  DO'S
Always set goals. Have a clear idea on what you want.Make clear plan.Background work is necessary based on your goal.Satisfaction is important.Don't compromise.Set goals which will not hurt anyone.Do your work personally. DON'T

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 1

What do a THANKS do in our life?

Hello everyone,

How is your day? Starting a day with a beautiful smile makes your day pleasant and everything goes well.

Today my day started like this only. Today I remembered a poem which inspired me always. Let me share this with you because we say thanks to a lot of people in many situations does it helps us in any way.

Yes, of course when we say Sorry and Thanks to people they feel satisfied and many situations will get subtle.
Saying that with a small cute smile makes things work better.

But I learnt a different thing when I heard this poem. I felt that it will help you too. Unfortunately, I don't know who the author is if anyone knows let me know.

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, What would there be to look forward to?

         Be thankful when you don't know something,
         for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficulties times.
During those times you grow.

         Be th…

WHO AM I ? " Lion and Sage" !

Hello, everyone,

Joyful evening. How your day went? I hope your day went well.
Today I suddenly got some doubt, is there any reason for my birth?

Of course, there would be some reason but many of us or few we think in a way that there is no reason for life or I am not a worthy person to live, I am not good for anything etc.......

Here I would like to say you a story.

Once there was a lion who was very proud. It thinks that everyone is afraid of him. No one can come near to him without its permission. 

And the Lion likes the frailness of others and enjoys its hunt. It like hunting other animals, it enjoys when others run for their lives and afraid of it. The Lion turned into a psychopath it started to prank others and enjoys the sight when other has a tearful eye and frailness. It can hear the heartbeat of the running animals and gets extreme edge enjoying. It was the daily routine of the Lion, even few animals started to go away from that forest.

Lion got it's proud to its head and start…

Who is the reason for all the things happening in your life?

Hello everyone,

Can you say one thing which is controlling your life? It will be the only one reason behind your all emotions and the life-changing factor. Can you guess!!!!

It's your Heart.

 Yes, absolutely it the only reason behind everything in our life.
I would like to share a phrase which is said by my dear friend.

"Always you should win, not anything".

These phrases always inspire me when I am lazy or when I want to step back from any situation.
Read the phrase again "Always you should win, not anything".
Here what "anything" means ....

Anything =  Anger
                      Bad habits
                      Negative thoughts etc......

Let me give an example.....

1. My neighbor bought a new car. If your Heart says Ah! he bought a new car but I don't have.

Here your jealousy has won you.
If you think in anothe…

Bloom your day and others as well.

Hi friends,

How is your day? In my first post i said that start a day with a Fresh mind . I gave you few suggestions in that, may be few persons thought that those suggestions are related to family persons,but what about the persons who are living single.

 Of course you have your friends with you.You can say Good Morning with a smile etc..... Is that enough to have a good mood to start your day? Let me share my day which will be useful for others who want a different experience.

A usual morning but different for me because even before i wake up there are few lovable persons waiting for me to say a hello to them...

we usually do something together which makes us happy.
After finishing my routines, when i open my door there i get a pleasant breeze with a baby day light on my face,

in a sparkle of moment i realize that there are others waiting for me, immediately what i do is !!!! Greeting them with a smile which makes us happy to wish each other. With my favorite beverage i sit before them an…

Can you take weed out of you! Why not ? you can do it....

Hi friends,

How did your day started? Is it a day with fresh start with fresh mind. Have you followed my tips or suggestions which i gave you yesterday.

Today my topic is Can you take weed out of you ! Why not ? You can do it....

First of all i would like to ask you some thing . What is 'weed'?  can we simplify it.
WEED i mean to say is the negative thoughts which we have in us.

Can we get rid of it from us! If you believe me then follow or think about what i am going to ask.

Do you think that all humans have only positive attitude?All the leaders in the world are too good that's why they are leaders!All successful people followed other great people saying!One is famous or celebrities because they have only positive thinking !All gurujies  or preachers have more positive energy that's why people are attracted to them and listens to there sayings.The people who are in higher category than you are lucky enough that's why they are in higher category.The people who has taken…

How to start your day with fresh mind ?

Hi Friends,

I would like to share my view " How to start your day with fresh mind " ?

It is possible to start your day with fresh and peace mind , All you need to do is simple practice after waking up from the bed.

Just for tomorrow follow these steps
When you feel that you are awake first don't open your eyes stay calm for few minutes.Don't think of anything.Now open your eyes with a small tiny little smile on your beautiful lips.Now see your beloved one who will be sleeping beside you.Then have a gentle kiss on their foreheadThen do the same to your kids or your loved one.Have some fresh cool drink or Tea or coffee  as you like.Here i would like note you some thing not to do.....
don't wake up in a hurry. don't wake up suddenly.  don't think about yesterday things. Never shout on anyone early in the morning even if  they had done anything wrong. Try to speak in low voice. Try to pay attention on others sayings it makes them  happy too. Try to see your out…