Can you take weed out of you! Why not ? you can do it....

Hi friends,

How did your day started? Is it a day with fresh start with fresh mind. Have you followed my tips or suggestions which i gave you yesterday.

Today my topic is Can you take weed out of you ! Why not ? You can do it....

 First of all i would like to ask you some thing . What is 'weed'?  can we simplify it.
 WEED i mean to say is the negative thoughts which we have in us.

Can we get rid of it from us! If you believe me then follow or think about what i am going to ask.

  1. Do you think that all humans have only positive attitude?
  2. All the leaders in the world are too good that's why they are leaders!
  3. All successful people followed other great people saying!
  4. One is famous or celebrities because they have only positive thinking !
  5. All gurujies  or preachers have more positive energy that's why people are attracted to them and listens to there sayings.
  6. The people who are in higher category than you are lucky enough that's why they are in higher category.
  7. The people who has taken the weeds from them are in successful positions.
  8. Do you think that you have talent but not lucky enough to be better than your friend or neighbor? 
 Is your answer "YES" for my questions.

Oh God ! then you are in great trouble!!!!!

Yes i really mean it. I am not making you to get afraid. Let's get to my point.

Think once is it possible for any person to have only positive mind or positive thoughts, definitely a big NO every one or every living creature in the world has both the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE equally .

But why i am not success in my life or not able to achieve what i want,,,,, is just because of the way we think.
Many of us think that i am better than my friend or a known person... I scored better than him in my college days, i was the topper of the school.... i was a admirable kid by others....  EVEN then i am not in a position better than the others or my friend.

Have you understood what i am saying ?????
Just stop comparing with others. No one has a WEED in them ... All have the same things but only one differs is the way we think, how we plan ? how we present some thing ?How we are concentrating on us than others. And stop hearing other persons teasing or bullying.
Stop giving importance to others who always has a ear and nose on others doors.

Just think about yourself,your loved once and start to concentrate on what you know?

 What you can do?
What are you lacking at?
What you want?
What are you interested  in?
What are the obstacles in your way?
What do you want in your life?

Just think in that way to achieve what you want. There is NO WEED in anyone.



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