Bloom your day and others as well.

Hi friends,

How is your day? In my first post i said that start a day with a Fresh mind . I gave you few suggestions in that, may be few persons thought that those suggestions are related to family persons,but what about the persons who are living single.

Health and Motivation 

 Of course you have your friends with you.You can say Good Morning with a smile etc..... Is that enough to have a good mood to start your day? Let me share my day which will be useful for others who want a different experience.

A usual morning but different for me because even before i wake up there are few lovable persons waiting for me to say a hello to them...

we usually do something together which makes us happy.
After finishing my routines, when i open my door there i get a pleasant breeze with a baby day light on my face,

Health and Motivation

 in a sparkle of moment i realize that there are others waiting for me, immediately what i do is !!!! Greeting them with a smile which makes us happy to wish each other. With my favorite beverage i sit before them and i will play some Melody music which we love to listen. With that moment we start to enjoy the music as well as a deep relation which we have internally.
We don't speak with each other because my fellow partners can't talk but speaks with me.

Oh are you thinking how is it possible? Yes we can know each other feelings when we are connected with hearts. LOVE HAS NO LANGUAGE. The only thing is we want to spend some time with them and concentrate on them.

Are you thinking that "What !!!, you said that, " you will say about the persons who are living single but again you are saying about family persons". Yes coming to your point. Here till now i didn't mention about my fellow friends.

The friends who are waiting for me are my PLANTS which i planted.

photo credit - Silpa

Yes friends we think that we are carving for some love which we are not able to get from others, but have you ever thought that there are others who want our LOVE AND ATTENTION.

Like pet animals even tress and plant need our love and care. Many of us like to do Gardening and many of them are doing. Though we are doing that. Are we doing that heart-fully is the question. Where ever we live , may be in independent houses or apartments, we have seen many of them are growing plants in there available space. But are we paying attention on it or just supplying them their food.


Aren't they both same. We think that we are giving them (plants) or taking care by providing necessary Cockpit,soil,fertilizers,grow booster,water,sunlight etc.... Is that enough for a plant to grow ? Yes it is enough with timing management for a plant to grow. we think that the plant grow healthy with all those supplies.

But here we are forgetting some thing that those are also living being like us which needs not only food supplies to grow but needs love and care to be more healthy.

For example the food we eat while watching T.V.

Health and Motivation

When we are not concentrating on the food we eat we don't get the value of it ,we are only feeding our stomach which doesn't give complete health to us.


Take 3 plants and plant it in 3 different container and do what i say,but you what to do it daily.

Health and Motivation

  • First select one plant and talk to it daily , 
  • Talk to it as a friend.
  • speak good words.
  • Wish it daily.
  • pour water to it .
  • Take care with necessary food and fertilizers.
  • Share your feelings with it. 
  • Give it a music therapy. Light and melody music everyday.
  • Listen with it,spend time it.
  •  Next select second plant
  • Don't talk to that plant but feed with all necessary food.
  • Feed it, let it have everything but don't communicate with. 
  • Now select Third plant.
  • Feed with all necessary supplies.
  • Communicate with it but shout at it.
  • Say harsh words to it.
  • Say all sad thing with it.
Now see the difference in just One or Two months
1st plant will be Healthy,you can see the difference in their leafs and blossom of flowers or fruits or vegetables.

Health and Motivation

2nd plant you will see a normal growth.

Health and Motivation

3rd plant you will it in almost dead position.

Health and Motivation

How and Why it happened to those plants!!
Just analyze your experiment
1. On first plant you have shown love and affection towards it and treated it equally with you.
2 .On second one you didn't show any love but paid only attention so it has grown in its way.
3. On third one there is more negative impact on it and it sees everything you have done with
 other two plants so it felt very bad and got hurt so it led to death.

There are many experiments done on plants it has proven that the love shown by a person will effect the plants growth and the hatred of a person towards the plant also shows the effect in its growth.


Health and Motivation

 gives best result in its growth, but loud music is not preferable for plants growth. A therapy with Melody music, soft music gives best results.

The persons who feel that they are alone, no friend or to share there feeling and depressed due to there situations

Health and Motivation
 just remember that there are other persons or living creatures who want the same as you.
Health and Motivation

Just make them feel comfortable give hope with your words and caring.

Start a new day. Grow a plant with your love and care ,when the seed grows it gives you happiness unknowing, when it grows you will also grow from inside.
Health and Motivation

Bloom your day and you can bloom others with your love.Just start your day with good hope.

Health and Motivation

Healthy life is in your hands. Make your day BLOOM and Others too.


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