Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 4

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 4

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Hi everyone how did your day started? It's been quite a while we are looking into a topic why should we say Thanks and for what and why.

I hope it's reaching you in a right way because it's very important to know why we are saying Thanks and we are learning from it.

Those who have not read my previous parts on 

Let's go for a quick review.
From the poem, I have said to notice these points

"THANKS" is a word which makes our path easier.

To make an easier path to, remember these points.

Points to be remembered,

3.Difficult times
7.Hard work


        Say Thanks to your desires because we don't have the one we want so it's giving us an opportunity to learn and fulfill our desire.S o that we are looking forward and making each day different.


       Say Thanks to your Opportunities because when you don't know something it is only giving you an opportunity to learn. If we don't get an opportunity! how we learn and how we prove ourselves.

3.Difficult Times:

       Say Thanks to your DIfficult Times because at that time only we get stronger and we ourselves know better.
We grow better.


       Say Thanks to your and our Limitations because it only gives an opportunity for our Improvement.

Now coming to our today's topic we shall learn on 



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       We should say Thanks to our Challenges because it will build us. We come to know ourselves ... like our Strenght and character.

       Challenging may need not be a work-related, many of them face many challenges in our day to day life.

       It's a world where everyone wants to survive and lead a life not only Themselves but with there families.

       Did you get a thought in your mind that how these challenges build our character?

       You can see many of them who gives or says many bits of advice to others but most them doesn't follow what they say. Why do you they do like that? May it's their character.

       Few of them say that we will do what we say, but it can be seen only if they face that situation.

       No one can predict what we do in that situations, because wishing is different, doing is different, implementing is different. 

       What we really do in those situations is our real character, On that time only we can know yourself better.
There will be many steps to overcome because it's a lifetime experience which can't be done in seconds or days.
health and motivation

       We can see many people who underestimate themselves and feels lower than others and degrading themselves by comparing them in many situations, it's wrong which is a great harm not only to us but to the persons who are related with us. 

      CHALLENGES when reading that word immediately you think that climbing an Everest or any athletic performance etc.... But it is not a CHALLENGE is mean to be...

      CHALLENGE means what you think that you can't do? If you overcome that feeling when you have achieved your challenge.

      Let me help me with some DO'S and DONT'S.

DO'S :
  • Think you can do anything.
  • Not only think but you should believe that you can do anything.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • keep faith.
  • If you feel that it's a very big challenge then draw a big line(here drawing a big line means think of a much bigger problem than that) before that then it seems small. So that you get a feeling that your challenge is much smaller than the big one.
  • Plan correctly.
  • Think more than twice before you do.
  • Be prepared.
  • Have a study about that before what you are doing.
  • Take elders or experienced advice.
  • Keep a Motto.
  • Passion is much more important.
  • Always have a smile.
  • Meet other people with a beautiful smile.


  • Don't trust others blindly.
  • Don't degrade yourself.
  • Stop comparing.
  • Don't lose your confidence.
  • Don't think of others sayings if you are doing correct thing/one.
  • Don't underestimate yourself.
  • Don't be in a hurry while taking decisions.
  • Don't underestimate others with there age and experience.
While facing many challenges you grow it means that your strength is growing.

Biggest Strength is believing in you never forget that to do. Believe is a not just a word or a feeling it's a power.

Build your strength and character by facing your challenge. Remember challenge means not your problems the feeling which you have that "you can't".

Get rid of it when you take away then you are the more happiest person in the world.

health and motivation

ALL THE BEST. Start your day with a good attitude. Success comes your way. I CAN DO IT is your Motto from today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What do a THANKS do in our life - 3

What do THANKS do in our life - 3

health and motivation

Hi, every one I hope you have followed what I said in my previous writing. We have learned about two topics 
                 1. Desire
                 2. Opportunity.
Let's go for a quick review.


  • We should always thankful that we don't have everything that we want in life that' why we struggle for it and tries to get.
  • We will be happier when it gets with our hard work than getting it for free.


  •  We should be thankful for what we don't know because it only gives an opportunity for us to learn in our life.
  •  When we know everything life will not be interesting. And it is not possible to know everything.
  •  Everything we learn will be a drop in an ocean.

Now coming to our today's topic let's see our third point and fourth point.

These two are very important because those are like two wings, you will come two know about this when you read yourself, Come on 

health and motivation


health and motivation

                    Life is a mixture of everything. We should be strong to be successful because we don't know what we will face in the future, we should be bold enough to face everything and anything.   


  • Be patient or have patience.
  • Think twice or thrice or more before doing anything.
  • Analyze everything by yourself.
  • Be brave.
  • Follow or listen to elders advice.
  • Share your feelings.
  • Have good friends.
  • Avoid the things which make you irritated.
  • Communicate with many, you will get different ideas and different perspectives.
  • Make some habits which makes you happy.
  • Try to read books about success stories or biographies.
  • Take a break from your routine.   
  • Don't listen to others sayings and follow them blindly.
  • Don't take any decisions in anger or sad or depressed.
  • Don't be alone for a long time.
  • Don't get disappointed at the first time itself. 
  • Don't think about you only, think about others.
  • Don't be hasty.
  • Don't blame on others.
  • Don't shout at others.
DIFFICULT TIMES are always the best because one can know about themselves. They become stronger and stronger when they are in their difficult times, but that doesn't mean that only difficult should be there..... It means that difficult times are also good in the way we take it, so don't forget to THANK for it.


health and motivation

Think once, is it necessary to have limitations!!!

Few of them may be thinking that it would be good without limitations, But you are wrong. 

Can you guess WHY you are wrong?

We feel that in some situations it would be nice if there are no limitations, Yes it would be nice only to very few situations, as no age limit for studying, learning etc.

But think once if there is no limitations or restrictions, how it can go in a correct manner! Almost it is like not having rules.

If there are no rules how would it be !! There will be no law and no punishment, can it be a smooth living? Definitely NO.

For example 

1. Think that in a game there is no Time Limitation. How it would be!!!
2. If there is no law and no punishments for a crime done. How it would be!!!
3. Even relationships have a limit like 
    who is a friend/best friend/close friend/parents/sisters/brothers/uncles/unties/neighbour etc
4. No limitations for roaming and enjoying may lead to any destructions.

So here we can see that LIMITATIONS helps us to IMPROVE us more. It gives an opportunity to get improvement.

It is useful for us to get a betterment. 


  • Set a goal.
  • Listen to elders sayings and think more than twice about it.
  • Accept the rules.
  • Respect elders.
  • Have patience and be com.
  • Take the opportunity to learn.
  • Try to improve yourself.
  • Try to change the rule if it is wrong.
  • Make others learn.
  • Don't blame the system.
  • Don't shout at others.
  • Don't blame yourself.
  • Don't lose your patience.
  • Don't be lethargic.
  • Don't be a mumbling star.

DIFFICULT TIMES and LIMITATIONS are the two wings makes us to FLY.

health and motivation

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

What do a THANKS do in our life - 2

What do THANKS do in our life!!!

health and motivation

Hello everyone in my previous update I shared a poem with you, now let's see in detail.

"THANKS" is a word which makes our path easier.

To make an easier path to, remember these points.

Points to be remembered,

3.Difficult times
7.Hard work


health and motivation

  • Desire is all that makes us choose our path.
  • If we limit our path to certain things then life will be happy.
  • One should know their capacity.
  • If we have all the things which we want then life will not be that interesting.
  • so we should thank that we are not able to get what we want because it makes set a goal to achieve something.
  • If we get one what we desired for then we want another one its life. 
  • Always set goals.
  •  Have a clear idea on what you want.
  • Make clear plan.
  • Background work is necessary based on your goal.
  • Satisfaction is important.
  • Don't compromise.
  • Set goals which will not hurt anyone.
  • Do your work personally.
  • Don't travel in two paths or more than one path.  
  • Don't be lazy.
  • Don't take easy path(wrong path).
  • Don't trust everyone.  


health and motivation

  • Life is full of opportunities we should identify it correctly.
  • If we don't know something then it gives us an opportunity to learn.
  • Learning is all.
  • In our daily life,we learn every day. 
health and motivation

health and motivation

  • Identify correctly when you get an opportunity.
  • Try to learn what you don't know.
  • Listen to others then analyse yourself.
  • Utilize every single opportunity.
  •  Don't neglect others words.
  • Don't be lazy to analyse everything before you do.
  •  Don't neglect an opportunity.
 Life is a learning process let's learn more .....
Waiting to share about other points,see you tomorrow.

Monday, September 17, 2018

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 1

What do a THANKS do in our life?

health and motivation

Hello everyone,

How is your day? Starting a day with a beautiful smile makes your day pleasant and everything goes well.

health and motivation
Today my day started like this only. Today I remembered a poem which inspired me always. Let me share this with you because we say thanks to a lot of people in many situations does it helps us in any way.

health and motivation

Yes, of course when we say Sorry and Thanks to people they feel satisfied and many situations will get subtle.
Saying that with a small cute smile makes things work better.

But I learnt a different thing when I heard this poem. I felt that it will help you too. Unfortunately, I don't know who the author is if anyone knows let me know.

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
If you did, What would there be to look forward to?

         Be thankful when you don't know something,
         for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficulties times.
During those times you grow.

         Be thankful for your limitations,
         because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge,
because it will build your strength and character.

        Be thankful for your mistakes.
        They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
because it means you've made a difference.

       It's easy to be thankful for the good things.
       A life of rich fulfilment comes to those who
       are also thankful for the setbacks.

Gratitude  can turn a negative into a positive.
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
and they can become your blessings.

What a poem isn't it!!!!
Let me share with a more detailed view in my next post.
This one is very simple to understand but has a lot of depth in it so let me share this in detail in my next post.

Friday, September 7, 2018

WHO AM I ? " Lion and Sage" !

Hello, everyone,

Joyful evening. How your day went? I hope your day went well.
Today I suddenly got some doubt, is there any reason for my birth?

Of course, there would be some reason but many of us or few we think in a way that there is no reason for life or I am not a worthy person to live, I am not good for anything etc.......

Here I would like to say you a story.

Once there was a lion who was very proud. It thinks that everyone is afraid of him. No one can come near to him without its permission. 

health and motivation

And the Lion likes the frailness of others and enjoys its hunt. It like hunting other animals, it enjoys when others run for their lives and afraid of it. The Lion turned into a psychopath it started to prank others and enjoys the sight when other has a tearful eye and frailness. It can hear the heartbeat of the running animals and gets extreme edge enjoying. It was the daily routine of the Lion, even few animals started to go away from that forest.
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Lion got it's proud to its head and started to think that anyone should surrender before him.

One day a sage was passing through the forest. He was tired and sat under a tree, the proud lion saw him and thought that It's good to see a human after a very long time. I am also bored by frightening these animals let me play with this human. I wants to see the urge in his eyes, I would like to see how he begs me for his life. It got excited by its thoughts and immediately jumped before him.

The sage looked at the lion and stood before him. The lion was surprised to see the human-like that because it expected something opposite of it.
Lion wants to see the frightening eyes of the human so it roared in front of him even then the sage didn't run or do anything.

health and motivation

Lion loosed its patience and said to the sage. Oh, human, i am very hungry right now I am going to eat you. I will rid you into pieces, your blood flows and wet this land.

The sage replied, oh lion if you are in such hungry what are you waiting for. You are always welcome to have me. I am blessed to fill your stomach at least for this day.

The lion was surprised. Now it seemed to get relaxed and wanted to know why he was not afraid of it, even it is a cruel animal.
The lion asked, before I eat you I have something to ask, will you clarify my doubt?
The sage replied if I am able to ...... I will do it.


Then the lion asked, why you are not afraid of me. In this forest every one will ran away from me even I am in 10 feet distance and every one beg for their life but who are you? you are not afraid of me! and you are welcoming me to eat you. aren't you afraid?

The sage sat before it and said that he was a sage. He was in a search of who he was and what was the use of his birth? I was roaming from place to place by praying the God to know the answers to my questions. 

When i saw you I was not afraid because you are also a living being like me. And when you roared at me I thought that you were in a need. When you said, "you were hungry", then I realized one thing that I found the answer to my questions

1. who am i?
     I am also a living being like you but differs in a few ways. There will be a reason behind my birth for some good.

2. What was the use of my birth?
    When you said that you are going to eat me then I realized that I was born to satisfy your hunger.

 Everything has a purpose in once life. When I am hungry what I eat ! leaves, vegetables, fruits etc. But why they were grown ? to satisfy another.

Like that everything has a purpose to have a life even non-living things are helping us in our day to day life in many ways.

 So I thought that it will be my life path to fill your stomach. No matter how you will eat me because everything has a start and end, it's the circle.
 I am not worried about it because I don't know how I was born, and not worried about how it ends. Just I am satisfied that my life has a use and I am utilizing that.
 How we lead or led our life is important.
Come, my dear friend, I am ready now to fill your stomach.

Now for the first time lion got tears in its eyes and said sorry master i not hungry any more. I realize how I am leading my life, I was enjoying on others frailness. Now onwards I will eat when I am hungry I don't hurt anyone for fun.
Now master your life is not meant to fill my stomach your life is to make others realize who are like me.


On that day on wards Lion and The sage became good friends and they started to travel from place to place where every one surprised how a human and wild animal or together. It made others listen to the words of The sage.
Moral: Realize and utilize your life in a good way. Don't waste your life.

Dear Readers, I hope you like the story. Because when I heard the story I realized something in me that till now I don't know the purpose of my life but I wanted to be a good human being until my death. It's my goal. Because I don't know what is the purpose of my birth it will come in my way one day, then I will do that until then I want to utilize my life.

The persons who think that they are useless, waste there time, wants to commit suicide, just think what you were doing until now. 

Just think When you are dead is there any one person who really miss you or remembers you or loves you forever. Everything has a start and end within that circle we want to utilize everything.

Don't break the circle it may lead to some other thing, complete it.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Who is the reason for all the things happening in your life?

Hello everyone,

Can you say one thing which is controlling your life? It will be the only one reason behind your all emotions and the life-changing factor. Can you guess!!!!

It's your Heart.

Health and Motivation

 Yes, absolutely it the only reason behind everything in our life.
I would like to share a phrase which is said by my dear friend.

"Always you should win, not anything".


These phrases always inspire me when I am lazy or when I want to step back from any situation.
Read the phrase again "Always you should win, not anything".
Here what "anything" means ....

Health and Motivation

Anything =  Anger
                      Bad habits
                      Negative thoughts etc......

Let me give an example.....

1. My neighbor bought a new car. If your Heart says Ah! he bought a new car but I don't have.

Here your jealousy has won you.
If you think in another way...

1.a My neighbor bought a new car. Let me greet him.
Here you will win. Because your Jealous didn't come out.

2. My sister has taken my dress. How could she do that?
Here you are not able to Tolerate or Share what is yours. But think once who has taken your dress? your sister, is it a wrong one!

If you think in another way....

2.a My sister has taken my dress it should fit her.
Here you won.

In this phrase "Always you should win, not anything".

 YOU = character and attitude

In any situation give a few seconds to analyze yourself. If your anger or lie or any other emotion wants to win you don't let it do that.

These all things are related to your Heart and Mind. Make the both to think in one way.

Always Make the Two Birds sing one song. 

  • Never forget who you are ! You means your Character.
  • Never fall for your negative emotions.
  • Be conscious on what you are doing.
  • Never follow others words blankly.
  • What ever you see or listen is not True. Analyze the situation by yourself.
  • Be honest.
  • Stick to one decision you make. 
  • Control your emotions.
  • Don't take any decisions while you are anger. 
  •  Never let your HEART to take wrong decisions. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bloom your day and others as well.

Hi friends,

How is your day? In my first post i said that start a day with a Fresh mind . I gave you few suggestions in that, may be few persons thought that those suggestions are related to family persons,but what about the persons who are living single.

Health and Motivation 

 Of course you have your friends with you.You can say Good Morning with a smile etc..... Is that enough to have a good mood to start your day? Let me share my day which will be useful for others who want a different experience.

A usual morning but different for me because even before i wake up there are few lovable persons waiting for me to say a hello to them...

we usually do something together which makes us happy.
After finishing my routines, when i open my door there i get a pleasant breeze with a baby day light on my face,

Health and Motivation

 in a sparkle of moment i realize that there are others waiting for me, immediately what i do is !!!! Greeting them with a smile which makes us happy to wish each other. With my favorite beverage i sit before them and i will play some Melody music which we love to listen. With that moment we start to enjoy the music as well as a deep relation which we have internally.
We don't speak with each other because my fellow partners can't talk but speaks with me.

Oh are you thinking how is it possible? Yes we can know each other feelings when we are connected with hearts. LOVE HAS NO LANGUAGE. The only thing is we want to spend some time with them and concentrate on them.

Are you thinking that "What !!!, you said that, " you will say about the persons who are living single but again you are saying about family persons". Yes coming to your point. Here till now i didn't mention about my fellow friends.

The friends who are waiting for me are my PLANTS which i planted.

photo credit - Silpa

Yes friends we think that we are carving for some love which we are not able to get from others, but have you ever thought that there are others who want our LOVE AND ATTENTION.

Like pet animals even tress and plant need our love and care. Many of us like to do Gardening and many of them are doing. Though we are doing that. Are we doing that heart-fully is the question. Where ever we live , may be in independent houses or apartments, we have seen many of them are growing plants in there available space. But are we paying attention on it or just supplying them their food.


Aren't they both same. We think that we are giving them (plants) or taking care by providing necessary Cockpit,soil,fertilizers,grow booster,water,sunlight etc.... Is that enough for a plant to grow ? Yes it is enough with timing management for a plant to grow. we think that the plant grow healthy with all those supplies.

But here we are forgetting some thing that those are also living being like us which needs not only food supplies to grow but needs love and care to be more healthy.

For example the food we eat while watching T.V.

Health and Motivation

When we are not concentrating on the food we eat we don't get the value of it ,we are only feeding our stomach which doesn't give complete health to us.


Take 3 plants and plant it in 3 different container and do what i say,but you what to do it daily.

Health and Motivation

  • First select one plant and talk to it daily , 
  • Talk to it as a friend.
  • speak good words.
  • Wish it daily.
  • pour water to it .
  • Take care with necessary food and fertilizers.
  • Share your feelings with it. 
  • Give it a music therapy. Light and melody music everyday.
  • Listen with it,spend time it.
  •  Next select second plant
  • Don't talk to that plant but feed with all necessary food.
  • Feed it, let it have everything but don't communicate with. 
  • Now select Third plant.
  • Feed with all necessary supplies.
  • Communicate with it but shout at it.
  • Say harsh words to it.
  • Say all sad thing with it.
Now see the difference in just One or Two months
1st plant will be Healthy,you can see the difference in their leafs and blossom of flowers or fruits or vegetables.

Health and Motivation

2nd plant you will see a normal growth.

Health and Motivation

3rd plant you will it in almost dead position.

Health and Motivation

How and Why it happened to those plants!!
Just analyze your experiment
1. On first plant you have shown love and affection towards it and treated it equally with you.
2 .On second one you didn't show any love but paid only attention so it has grown in its way.
3. On third one there is more negative impact on it and it sees everything you have done with
 other two plants so it felt very bad and got hurt so it led to death.

There are many experiments done on plants it has proven that the love shown by a person will effect the plants growth and the hatred of a person towards the plant also shows the effect in its growth.


Health and Motivation

 gives best result in its growth, but loud music is not preferable for plants growth. A therapy with Melody music, soft music gives best results.

The persons who feel that they are alone, no friend or to share there feeling and depressed due to there situations

Health and Motivation
 just remember that there are other persons or living creatures who want the same as you.
Health and Motivation

Just make them feel comfortable give hope with your words and caring.

Start a new day. Grow a plant with your love and care ,when the seed grows it gives you happiness unknowing, when it grows you will also grow from inside.
Health and Motivation

Bloom your day and you can bloom others with your love.Just start your day with good hope.

Health and Motivation

Healthy life is in your hands. Make your day BLOOM and Others too.