What do a Thanks do in our life? - 4

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 4

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Hi everyone how did your day started? It's been quite a while we are looking into a topic why should we say Thanks and for what and why.

I hope it's reaching you in a right way because it's very important to know why we are saying Thanks and we are learning from it.

Those who have not read my previous parts on 

Let's go for a quick review.
From the poem, I have said to notice these points

"THANKS" is a word which makes our path easier.

To make an easier path to, remember these points.

Points to be remembered,

3.Difficult times
7.Hard work


        Say Thanks to your desires because we don't have the one we want so it's giving us an opportunity to learn and fulfill our desire.S o that we are looking forward and making each day different.


       Say Thanks to your Opportunities because when you don't know something it is only giving you an opportunity to learn. If we don't get an opportunity! how we learn and how we prove ourselves.

3.Difficult Times:

       Say Thanks to your DIfficult Times because at that time only we get stronger and we ourselves know better.
We grow better.


       Say Thanks to your and our Limitations because it only gives an opportunity for our Improvement.

Now coming to our today's topic we shall learn on 



health and motivation

       We should say Thanks to our Challenges because it will build us. We come to know ourselves ... like our Strenght and character.

       Challenging may need not be a work-related, many of them face many challenges in our day to day life.

       It's a world where everyone wants to survive and lead a life not only Themselves but with there families.

       Did you get a thought in your mind that how these challenges build our character?

       You can see many of them who gives or says many bits of advice to others but most them doesn't follow what they say. Why do you they do like that? May it's their character.

       Few of them say that we will do what we say, but it can be seen only if they face that situation.

       No one can predict what we do in that situations, because wishing is different, doing is different, implementing is different. 

       What we really do in those situations is our real character, On that time only we can know yourself better.
There will be many steps to overcome because it's a lifetime experience which can't be done in seconds or days.
health and motivation

       We can see many people who underestimate themselves and feels lower than others and degrading themselves by comparing them in many situations, it's wrong which is a great harm not only to us but to the persons who are related with us. 

      CHALLENGES when reading that word immediately you think that climbing an Everest or any athletic performance etc.... But it is not a CHALLENGE is mean to be...

      CHALLENGE means what you think that you can't do? If you overcome that feeling when you have achieved your challenge.

      Let me help me with some DO'S and DONT'S.

DO'S :
  • Think you can do anything.
  • Not only think but you should believe that you can do anything.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • keep faith.
  • If you feel that it's a very big challenge then draw a big line(here drawing a big line means think of a much bigger problem than that) before that then it seems small. So that you get a feeling that your challenge is much smaller than the big one.
  • Plan correctly.
  • Think more than twice before you do.
  • Be prepared.
  • Have a study about that before what you are doing.
  • Take elders or experienced advice.
  • Keep a Motto.
  • Passion is much more important.
  • Always have a smile.
  • Meet other people with a beautiful smile.


  • Don't trust others blindly.
  • Don't degrade yourself.
  • Stop comparing.
  • Don't lose your confidence.
  • Don't think of others sayings if you are doing correct thing/one.
  • Don't underestimate yourself.
  • Don't be in a hurry while taking decisions.
  • Don't underestimate others with there age and experience.
While facing many challenges you grow it means that your strength is growing.

Biggest Strength is believing in you never forget that to do. Believe is a not just a word or a feeling it's a power.

Build your strength and character by facing your challenge. Remember challenge means not your problems the feeling which you have that "you can't".

Get rid of it when you take away then you are the more happiest person in the world.

health and motivation

ALL THE BEST. Start your day with a good attitude. Success comes your way. I CAN DO IT is your Motto from today.


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