What do a Thanks do in our life? - 5

What do a Thanks do in our life? - 5

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Hi everyone,

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3.Difficult times

                            Now coming to today's view I will say about MISTAKES.


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Is there any person in the world who has not done any mistakes in there life?
Mistakes are very valuable because it's like a lesson to us which teaches us something and makes us learn something.
Which is free of cost to learn. The only thing is we should realize what the mistake is!

Many scientists made many mistakes before they got success.
Many businessmen made mistakes before they got success.

Mistakes are very common. But see the difference. Mistakes are done unknowingly. The things which we do on purpose and saying that it happened by mistake is a lie.

For example:

health and motivation
When we do a mistake we don't know the consequences of it.
Example if you want to buy a property you will check all the things and bought it. After a few days, you come to know that the property was in legal issues and you can't own it.
It means that you have left a point to check that it was a mistake.

When a mom asks her child whether they ate there lunch box(food)or eaten by somebody else or thrown out. The child would have actually given to someone else but says to their mom that food was yummy so he ate it.
He knows that he is saying a lie, it's not a mistake.

Can you  see the difference between the two examples
In the first one even a grown has/had done a mistake and a small child can say a lie. Mistakes or lies it doesn't matter with age or experience. we do that anytime.

Even in exams we do or have done the mistakes many times that we know the answer for it but due to some other reasons, we have picked the wrong option.

See the things carefully, from Mistakes we learn not from a lie.
Mistakes are like stepping stones. If we do mistakes, when we realize it then we should rectify it then we will not do the same mistake, It's a learning process which is done throughout our life.

A child learns to walk properly after many falls which makes them walk properly.

health and motivation

MISTAKES are not bad they are good. The only thing is to realize and rectify it. 

Why I am saying this to you because there are few people who think that they had taken many wrong steps and they are in that bad stage and feels pain and depress.

Don't be like that. Life is very very valuable we don't get a second chance to realize that what happened has happened we can't change that. Don't waste your time by thinking of it. Get realize of your mistake and start your day with a fresh mind. 

Here are few DO'S and DONT'S

DO'S :
  • Do mistakes.
  • Try to find the mistake you have done.
  • Try to discuss with others.
  • Think well before you do.
  • Never feel that you have done a big mistake and get into depression. Because it happens to everyone.
  • Never lie for wrong things.
  • Say to others when you find you have done anything wrong, it may help you find a solution.
  • Don't waste time by thinking of past.
  • Don't get the laziness near you.
  • Don't be alone.
  • Don't get panic.
  • Don't be overconfident.


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