What do a THANKS do in our life - 2

What do THANKS do in our life!!!

health and motivation

Hello everyone in my previous update I shared a poem with you, now let's see in detail.

"THANKS" is a word which makes our path easier.

To make an easier path to, remember these points.

Points to be remembered,

3.Difficult times
7.Hard work


health and motivation

  • Desire is all that makes us choose our path.
  • If we limit our path to certain things then life will be happy.
  • One should know their capacity.
  • If we have all the things which we want then life will not be that interesting.
  • so we should thank that we are not able to get what we want because it makes set a goal to achieve something.
  • If we get one what we desired for then we want another one its life. 
  • Always set goals.
  •  Have a clear idea on what you want.
  • Make clear plan.
  • Background work is necessary based on your goal.
  • Satisfaction is important.
  • Don't compromise.
  • Set goals which will not hurt anyone.
  • Do your work personally.
  • Don't travel in two paths or more than one path.  
  • Don't be lazy.
  • Don't take easy path(wrong path).
  • Don't trust everyone.  


health and motivation

  • Life is full of opportunities we should identify it correctly.
  • If we don't know something then it gives us an opportunity to learn.
  • Learning is all.
  • In our daily life,we learn every day. 
health and motivation

health and motivation

  • Identify correctly when you get an opportunity.
  • Try to learn what you don't know.
  • Listen to others then analyse yourself.
  • Utilize every single opportunity.
  •  Don't neglect others words.
  • Don't be lazy to analyse everything before you do.
  •  Don't neglect an opportunity.
 Life is a learning process let's learn more .....
Waiting to share about other points,see you tomorrow.


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