How to start your day with fresh mind ?

Hi Friends,

I would like to share my view " How to start your day with fresh mind " ?

It is possible to start your day with fresh and peace mind , All you need to do is simple practice after waking up from the bed.

Just for tomorrow follow these steps
  • When you feel that you are awake first don't open your eyes stay calm for few minutes.
  • Don't think of anything.
  • Now open your eyes with a small tiny little smile on your beautiful lips.
  • Now see your beloved one who will be sleeping beside you.
  • Then have a gentle kiss on their forehead
  • Then do the same to your kids or your loved one.
  • Have some fresh cool drink or Tea or coffee  as you like.
Here i would like note you some thing not to do..... 
  •  don't wake up in a hurry.
  •  don't wake up suddenly. 
  •  don't think about yesterday things.
  •  Never shout on anyone early in the morning even if  they had done anything wrong.
  •  Try to speak in low voice.
  •  Try to pay attention on others sayings it makes them  happy too.
  •  Try to see your outside world because you all know that  nature is the most beautiful art which fills our heart with joy.



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